Valrhona is a French chocolate manufacturer which has been turning out exceptional products since 1922. Founded by a confectioner for other confectioners, Valrhona has been placing its extensive expertise, high standards and passion at the service of “gastronomy” professionals for 90 years so as to make each mouthful a memorable experience.

Chosen by the best chefs and confectioners around the world for its broad array of flavours which is constantly enhanced by innovations, Valrhona aims to promote “gastronomic fulfillment” by offering a range of unique and recognizable chocolate tastes which never fail to surprise and delight.

This unique know-how has lead to a new world of creativity and flavors. After dark, milk and white chocolate, ... the first Blond Chocolate*, Dulcey. With the creation of blond chocolates and drawing on its 90 years of expertise dedicated to taste, Valrhona offers a new world of flavors and creativity. With a view to ongoing dialogue and ethics, Valrhona relies on long-term co-development relations with planters and leading chefs, thus respecting both people and the planet.

A trend setter for over 20 years, Valrhona's “Ecole du Grand Chocolat” invents, records and safeguards all the expertise and techniques of chocolate making. Its confectioners travel the world to interact with professionals, as part of their continual mutual enhancement approach.

With the creation of the “Cité du Chocolat” in 2013, Valrhona is furthering this approach by offering a unique and dynamic place for all those wishing to discover all the richness of chocolate and its applications.

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