Saint Agur

A unique recipe

Manufactured in the Velay region since 1988, Saint Agur is a cheese with a unique and exceptional personality combining a strong flavor and a soft texture. Thanks to this unique recipe, Saint Agur has become the market's stand-out brand.

TV advertising focused on pleasure

Saint Agur also has a high TV profile! For several years, the famous Saint Augur advertisement has successfully conveyed the sheer pleasure and emotion of this unique cheese.

A range for all tastes

Today, its entire range is suited to all tastes and guarantees successful meals be it every day or for special occasions! You shall find the strong, melt-in-mouth flavor in different formats:

• deli cheese for authentic taste

• Classic for everyday pleasure

• Cream on bread and for cooking

• Portions for small families and snacking

• Maxi format for the real enthusiasts

• Frais Plaisir just for pleasure

Saint Agur is now number 1 for blue and blue-veined cheese with over 6 million purchasers and is known to 8 out of 10 French consumers. It has been adopted by consumers around the world: Europe, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Japan, Russia, etc.