The Elle & Vire production facility is located in the Normandy town of Condé sur Vire, in the valley of by the “Elle” and the “Vire”. These two rivers gave their name to the brand in 1947.

The specific characteristics of the Normandy “bocage” with its rich soil, combined with a temperate climate and abundant rainfall, result in the green and lush grass fed to dairy cows so as to produce milk of excellent quality and obtain one of the best creams in the world.

Elle & Vire products are regularly hailed by professionals and consumers and have consistently featured among the most innovative:

- in 1960, the first French UHT milk

- in 1973, the first UHT liquid cream

- in 1985, the first UHT dessert cream

- in 1992, the first French spreadable butter

- in 2006, the first “cream in a pouch”

It is now the 5th largest dairy brand in France with more than 6 out of 10 consumers enjoying at least one Elle & Vire product every year. It enjoys an excellent reputation (over 88% in brand awareness surveys).

A distinct favourite with the general public, it is also a benchmark brand for professionals and chefs both in France and internationally. The Elle&Vire brand boasts a strong international presence across the 5 continents and in over 120 countries around the world.