Coeur de Lion

Cœur de Lion came into being with the creation of an exceptional camembert with a rich flavor and creamy texture,using a unique recipe.

Made in the heart of Normandy, a region known for high-quality, full-flavoured milk, Cœur de Lion offers a perfect blend of strength and gentleness, character and creaminess.

Following the success of its camembert, Cœur de Lion created new recipes for the pleasure of all generations: Coulommiers, Brie, Coutances, Camembert au Cœur Tendre.

In recent years, Cœur de Lion has developed a cheese with a reduced salt content: the Camembert with 25% less salt and the Coulommiers with 25% less salt. Just the right everyday treat!

Finally, the latest newcomers are seasonal bries, brie triangles garnished with a decoration of green olives, 5 peppercorn mix or pesto, available since October 2012!

Cœur de Lion is now the second most consumed cheese brand in France, well known to the public for its cheese which is synonymous with quality, character and conviviality.

Every day, Cœur de Lion master cheesemakers work passionately to improve the quality of their cheese and develop new, innovative and tasty recipes.