Bordeau Chesnel

Bordeau Chesnel: 90 years of innovation, boldness and sheer indulgence.

Born of the marriage between Anna Marie Louise Chesnel and Jules Bordeau, Bordeau Chesnel has been specialized in processed meat since 1922.

With deep roots in the Sarthe area, Bordeau Chesnel offers various ranges of “rillettes” as well as its dry cured sausage specialities with the unique flavour of St-Agaûne dry cured meat.

Bordeau Chesnel is primarily known for its legendary "red cup" launched almost 40 years ago and all the innovations which have followed since:

- roast chicken “rillettes” (2005)

- “rillettes” without added fat (2011)

- its range of “Tartines Toquées” (2012)

Bordeau Chesnel has also become a major brand thanks to its legendary slogan "Nous n'avons pas les mêmes valeurs" (“we do not share the same values”), making it the leader on its segment with a market share of over 50% in term of value and 5,000 tonnes of “rillettes” consumed annually in France!