Support functions

The mission of Purchasing is to provide the market's best solutions in terms of quality, service and competitiveness, via rigorous selection of a rational panel of suppliers and service providers which meet the requirements of the Group and its subsidiaries.

It secures the long-term supply sources, both quantitative and qualitative.

In order to bolster our competitiveness, the functional analysis of requirements and the identification of innovative solutions are central to the Group's purchasing policy.

By means of intra-Group synergies implemented in Europe and internationally, Purchasing grows in attractivety vis-à-vis the supplier market. Combining central buyers and local buyers. As per their expertise drives the competitivity of purchasing!

The mission of Supply Chain is to route the manufacturer's products to consumers, while complying with quality, deadline and cost requirements.

It oversees the flow of products and related information in line with marketing and sales plans while optimizing procurement costs manufacturing and distribution and preserving the product's organoleptic qualities.

Managing "living" products, which requires a perfect control over food safety, is an attractive feature of the Group. In fact, under these constraints, it is essential to be extremely effective throughout the supply chain.

Serving as a backbone for the product flows, Supply Chain is made up of interlinked unctions as varied as sales forecasts, plants and procurement planning, sales administration, customer service and distribution logistics.

The availability oh high performance information and management systems is a key factor in meeting the objectives of service quality and industrial competitiveness. The Group's diversity in respect of its products and markets (consumer goods – BtoB – food services), as well as its geographical presence enable rigorous professional employees with excellent communication skills to progress in highly varied contexts.

Human resources is at the heart of organizations: Human resources directors are full members of executive committees.

Human Resources is as close operations as possible, in a decentralized organization which allows production and marketing subsidiaries a large capacity for action. A help to operational management, it is both generalist and comprehensive.

An actor in the fields of workforce management and personnel development (management of skills, management of internal mobility and recruitment, training, etc.) it also offers advice and suggestions relating to organization and change.

To be successful here, you must be totally open to the life of the company while remaining a genuine "human partner", at ease in all aspects of the job and attracted to managing people.

You shall help define the human resources strategy in line with the key directions defined by both the subsidiary HRD and Group HRD!

Finance and control is at the heart of the Group and his subsidiaries operational management.

It brings support to Senior Management and all other corporate functions, offering the kind of financial insight necessary to decision making, to draft budgets and long-term plans and gauge the effects of decisions taken (risk management).

The Group has developed specific know-how regarding management of its agri-business activities with specific management control, reporting dialogue between the company's various functions around the financial performance.

Your professionalism, eye for detail and strong communication skills will allow you to progress in the various areas of Finance, alternating between operational and functional responsabilities.