Our mission is to make our brands available to consumers by offering solutions tailored to our strategic distribution customers.

Each of the Group's sales entities has its own approach to the market depending on the country where it operates, the products it markets, the customers and competitors' strategies.

Our sales teams primarily operate in super/hypermarkets but they are also active in specialized stores, food service and BtoB. They are specialized by category: cheese, butter and cream, deli meat and seafood products, chocolates and confectionary products, etc.

When it comes to customer relations and market approach, a particular emphasis is placed on category management and sales development.

Developing the professionalism of our persons is a priority for the Group.

Our sales teams are regularly trained on the use of the very best in market tools. In these “contact” professions, persuasiveness, negotiating skills, a genuine feel for sales and being out in the field, and marketing are key to success.