Quality/ Research & Development

Quality lies at the heart of products and services with as main objective ensuring customer satisfaction.

From the very outset, mastering the quality of its products has been key to the Group's strategy of conquest and long-term success.

Quality stands at the crossroads of all the company's functions; it is at the heart of day to day interpersonal contacts. It is widely present: in the plant, on logistics platforms and at points of sale.

It is a support function for operational management founded on an all-encompassing vision of quality (quality of safety and satisfaction) as well as on the tools and methods developed over the years by the Group: it aims to structure and energize the quality management system, recommend areas for progress and support action plans.

Enthusiasm, an ability to communicate, an eye for detail, autonomy and a feel for the products will allow you to advance in the different professions of quality; they lead to numerous opportunities within the Group.

Research & Development is the major driver of innovation .

Innovation is one of the keys to our Group's success. Major and repeated investments in Research & Development have made it possible to achieve important innovations in the field of health and practicality and continuous optimization of our leading brands in order to respond to the ever-changing expectations of consumers.

The Research Centres and the technological centres, with their cutting-edge technologies, drive responsive R&D structures set up in each of our subsidiaries.

Permanent dialogue with the marketing, industrial and quality divisions enables all, whether researchers, engineers or technicians, to participate directly in the development of new products and gain familiarity with all of the Group's professions.

Creativity, curiosity, a feel for the product and pragmatism are all must have qualities for a successful career in R&D.