The industrial sector is highly developed within the Group and for good reason: almost 75% of the Group's workforce is in production facilities where our products first see the light of day!

With close to 100 facilities worldwide, the industrial function represents a major driving force for the Group.

The essential areas are built around the quality of our products and are indissociable from performance in costs, deadlines and service to the consumer and the customer. This is part of the development of people in the field: training, skill management, risk management , respect for the environment, etc.

The Group's progress requires industrial equipment of the highest standard incorporating state-of-the-art technology, effective maintenance and high-level engineering: this opens numerous opportunities for engineers and technicians with an entrepreneurial spirit, in all our sectors of activity and all the countries around the world where we operate.

Pragmatism, responsiveness and good people skills are all needed in order to succeed in these industrial jobs : they open up numerous opportunities within the Group.