Your career in the Group

The Group offers its employees personalized and differentiated career paths.

By joining us, you will gain access to a whole host of career development possibilities in terms of both jobs and geographical location.

The extensive nature of our activities (cheese, dairy products, deli meat, seafood products, chocolate), our multiple brands and our locations in France and internationally as well as our decentralized organization enable the Group to offer its employees numerous development opportunities in careers and missions.

The Group organizes mobility meetings twice a year allowing the HRD’s of subsidiaries to come together and exchange on the mobility wishes of employees and the jobs available.

So do like Laure Gilles and Sigrun and take control of your career!

Nicolas, Sales Manager- Alliance Fromagère

It’s a mistake to see Sales as relevant only at the end of the chain, as this reduces it to distributing products in a maximum number of outlets. These days, this position is situated part way between selling the product and advising on it and so it combines expertise and personal challenge.

You need to be able to reference a "difficult" product, to make sure it sells well while adding value to the counter and communicating information within the company which will help to optimize future processes: product quality, sales development, marketing, customer expectations, competitor observation …

The sales manager takes care of his regional customers and, as manager, he is responsible for the recruitment, training, objectification and evaluation of his area managers. It’s important to enable them to progress, while taking into account the new requirements in the field.

The specificity of the position of sales manager lies in the fact that the people he works with are itinerant and geographically isolated. So he must be able to federate, motivate and lead people "from a distance" while creating a true team spirit.


Gilles, General Manager-ELVIR

I’ve spent 17 years in the Group, in various activities and branches of different sizes, of which 15 as General Manager. Every time we recruit new personnel, I point out one of the specificities of our Group: each staff member is autonomous, can make suggestions, has control over his future.

I am struck by how important this is to people today. In no other company do we have such a free hand in such a professional context. No other Group asks its staff to be efficient from a practical point of view as well as comfortable with the conceptual side of things.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be happy with the SAVENCIA Group.


Yannick, Financial Manager - Compagnie des Produits Laitiers

In subsidiaries, the General Financial Manager is in charge of Financial accounting, Management Control and Information Systems.

It’s a fascinating and varied position.

Our primary tasks are the important management and financial duties, such as balance sheets, annual budgets, Long Term Planning or feedback sessions assembling the whole of the management team and Group for economic and financial reflection.

We also deal with information system projects covering the whole of the company and which always generate high-quality exchanges.

There are regular meetings with colleagues, for transversal projects and seminars.

Ultimately, our day-to-day work is varied, often intense, combining management, analysis and organization, both in and outside the company. Actually, what I like about the typical GFM’s day, is that there’s no such thing!


Sigrun, Communication Manager - Bongrain Deutschland

For 17 years now I’ve been working in Wiesbaden at Bongrain Deutschland, one of the Group’s German subsidiaries. I was deputy GM for a long time, during which the company evolved enormously.

Since 2011, I’ve been Communication Manager, thanks to the company’s policy of supporting professional training in a work context.

What makes the Group attractive as an employer is the fact that it knows how to bring together men and women who enjoy sharing and cooperating with each other and who love a job well done and excellence, to work for the profit of well-known brands of cheese. Along the same lines our HR Claim in Germany states "Lots of perspectives, a single passion".

Within the Group, people’s differences are seen as an enriching asset and consequently tolerance and respect for others are an essential part of our everyday life. Co-workers are committed to the company’s brands and proud of them. Thanks to this important part of our company culture, the Group can both reassure and give direction to its co-workers. These are extremely important and empowering values in today’s professional world.


Marek, Supply Chain Manager - Turek, Poland

I’ve been working for the Soparind Bongrain Group for 14 years. I was initially in charge of IT and 3 years ago I was entrusted with the position of Supply Chain Manager.

This ability to promote employees with potential sets our company apart from others.

An extremely valuable relationship is built up, thanks to, on the one hand the employer’s initiative and, on the other hand the employee’s will to progress. The family roots which the Group’s strategy grows from, mean the employer is concerned about his employees, not just from a professional point of view, but from a private one too.

The employer’s support in difficult private situations, for any employee at any level of the organization, is a proof of his profound concern. He is attentive to social aspects, which he considers important to install a family atmosphere.

The relatively flat organizational structure enables people to know each other well and to communicate efficiently - not only positive information, but also concerning more difficult subjects. This means that no-one feels anonymous and everyone has a role to play in the company’s development.

I would recommend our company to anyone who wants to work with open-minded people who enjoy an interesting challenge.


Laure, HR Manager - La Maison du Chocolat

Over the last 9 years, I’ve been lucky enough to benefit 3 times from in-house movements, which enabled me to progress first from IS to HR then from a corporate position to an operational RH position, initially with a commercial subsidiary, then with an international-scale production facility.

The confidence placed in me by the management in each of these steps forward enabled me to progress quickly and to take on responsibilities I had never had before: a real accelerator for my career but each time with limited risk to me thanks to my knowledge of the Group and its stakes.


Jean-Jacques, Brand Manager - Bongrain Deutschland

Our job is both rich and complex, since as brand managers, we are responsible for transforming an idea into an end-product ready to deliver to the consumer.

We need to work with most of the services in the company: R&D, Production, Sales, Logistics and particularly the financial services to pilot profitability.

To engineer a brand’s development well, you have to be extremely interested in the products, enjoy contact and communication in order to motivate and unite different teams around a vision, understand the environment, be an "active listener" to what consumers have to say; clearing, investigating and analyzing their behavior. Being close to the consumers is an essential part of our mindset. Our motto is "Challenge preconceptions and question yourself"!

In Germany, most of our brands have attained a market leader position in their segments thanks to a strong policy of innovation and advertising support. What’s our concern now? To carry on developing them so they will continue to be an ever bigger part of the consumer’s everyday life.

All of these challenges motivate the people who join us, favorize initiative and surpassing oneself.


Emilie, Marketing Innovation Internship in head office

I’m a graduate of HEC (Higher School of Commerce) and I love gastronomy, so I chose to carry out my final year internship in the Marketing Innovation Department of the Soparind Bongrain Group to discover the food-processing and consumer industry.

My role is to contribute to the strategic monitoring and innovation of the Group by exploring new and existing markets using international studies of societal and food trends.

This experience has enabled me to improve my knowledge of the sector, but also to learn the skills necessary to analyze and reach a proper understanding of consumers’ needs.

What I’ve enjoyed above all during this internship is the passion, the enthusiasm and the real concern for passing on know-how which drive my tutor. What’s more, the SAVENCIA Group, despite its size, has managed to keep its strong family culture and remain a human company it’s pleasant to work in.


Dimitri, Purchasing Internship in the Fromagerie des Chaumes

At the end of my Master’s Grande Ecole in Reims Management School, I was lucky enough to carry out my internship in the Fromagerie des Chaumes, a subsidiary of the Soparind Bongrain Group, famous for its cheese specialities: Saint-Agur, Saint-Albray, Chaumes and Etorki.

I’ve always been interested in the food-processing industry. Contributing to the development of high added value products and thus being able to answer the consumers’ demands directly was a real opportunity for me .

Among the tasks I’ve undertaken, I’ve dealt for example with piloting the graphic process of the packaging of several products. In direct contact with the supplier and the photo-engraver, I ensure that the rendering of the purchased packaging, which is a real strategic support for the brand, conforms to what Marketing requested.

I’ve also been involved in working on several invitations to tender and have to manage a big Purchasing project in total autonomy; from the drawing up of the specifications to the implementation in production. Whenever I need help with anything, someone is always there and the Purchasing team really trusts me.

So during my internship, it didn’t take me long to realize that joining SAVENCIA means getting the best of both worlds – all the advantages of a large Group, along with the human size of its branches. It took me less than a month to get to know all my co-workers in the company!


Adrien, New Industrial Equipment Internship in Révillon Choc

I’m a 5th–year student in the engineering school ECAM Lyon (Ecole d’Ingénieurs Généralistes Arts et Métiers), and I’m fortunate to be in the technical services of the chocolate producer Révillon, which belongs to the Group. It’s specialized in chocolates and well-known as a leader in the production of special chocolate candies sold around Christmas time.

As a Project manager in New Industrial Equipment, I collaborate closely with all the different services in Révillon, which means everyone in the company got to know me very quickly. Quite apart from what this internship has brought me from a technical and project management point of view, it’s also been a real step forward for my career, particularly from the point of view of relations, management and professional networking.

Doing an internship here means you get to work in a human-sized company with people-oriented values but at the same time you get all the advantages of a big firm. Révillon fast became more than just a company to me. It’s a true family, where even as an intern I have my place and people know me. What I like about Révillon is how enthusiastic all the employees are about working together to make high-quality, sophisticated products.

Today, my task is to realize projects while respecting the budget and time-line, the technical possibilities and as far as possible the stated requirements. My golden rule to manage this is: autonomy, negotiation, a smile and cheerfulness – if you keep those things in mind it’s easy to fit in. Being a student’s fine, but being an intern, especially in a SAVENCIA company is even better. Every day, I really feel as though important projects are progressing thanks to me.


Aurélia, Production Internship with Bongrain Gérard

I’m a 3rd-year student in the engineering school AgroParisTech, specialized in Food Processing and Production and I’m doing my final year internship in the Maturing-Packing-Shipping department of the BG dairy in Le Tholy, which is a SAVENCIA Group company, famous for the production of Géramont and Montagnard cheeses.

My task is to coordinate the setting up of the new multi-format packaging line and to improve performance to reach the set output objectives. Taking part in a project this big is a real opportunity; I’m using the latest technology in packaging machines and the autonomy I’m allowed to manage my line means I can create my project from the word go.

With this project I’ve been able to work closely with people from all sorts of jobs, both from a technical point of view and a managerial one. It’s really contributed something to my training, by combining setting up and analyzing performance indicators with hands-on practice.

The internship has also allowed me to find out about the Group, how it works and who it works with. What I appreciate is the way people are happy to support you when you need it and the will to progress that everyone shares here and that just makes you want to be part of the flow.


Pauline, Marketing/Sales Internship in Fromarsac

I’m a student in Master 1 Grande Ecole, option Marketing, in Kedge Business School (BEM) and I wanted to do my placement year in the food processing sector. Fromarsac, a branch of the SAVENCIA Group, that makes brands like St Môret, Tartare and P’tit Louis among others, offered me a place.

My placement’s a bit out of the ordinary, as it’s divided into two parts: 6 months in Sales Development and 6 months in Marketing. Not many companies offer this kind of internship, that’s what made me want to apply!

For the first six months, I worked as an Assistant Sales Development Manager and studied the market and the performances of the different people involved. This initial period really enabled me to get to know not just a market that was quite new to me (fresh pasta), but also the major distribution networks.

Since then, this experience has given me the chance to work as Assistant Product Manager of the brand Elle&Vire Le Fromage à la crème. Working in a small team makes the job even more interesting and gives you more responsibility. Actually, in the Group, the marketing department isn’t segmented, it covers all the different elements of the mix (packaging, recipe, special offers etc…) For example, I work with a wide range of providers to organize special offer ops in shops: I get to follow projects through from their beginning with the agency, to their end with the products displayed on the shelves!

When you work for the Soparind Bongrain Group, you know you have a team behind you and at the same time you’re part of the company. Here in Fromarsac, most of the marketing team members have done an internship at some point with the Group and it’s a Group you feel comfortable in and want to stay with!


Camille, Human Resources Internship in La Maison du Chocolat

I’m currently studying in a business school and during my placement year, I was lucky enough to join the Maison du Chocolat, part of the Group, as a Development Assistant in HR, for 6 months from January 2013.

Part of my job involved working on the whole recruitment process, from defining staff requirements with the manager, to face to face interviews, through writing and posting ads and phone shortlisting.

This job is particularly varied in La Maison du Chocolat because they recruit all sorts of different profiles. For example during my internship I was involved in recruiting sales staff, apprentice chocolate makers, interns in Communication/Management Control/Marketing and even a packaging engineer.

Another part of my job involved training (drawing up the training plan, setting up courses, contact with training organizations, administrative tasks, contact with the financing organizations) as well as internal communication through the editing of a monthly newsletter.


Claire, Marketing Apprentice with Alliance Food Service

I’m studying for a Master’s Option Marketing Management at the ESSEC. The food sector is my passion, so I was very lucky to sign a 1-year apprenticeship contract in January 2013 with the Group, which has let me spend 12 months getting to know Alliance Foodservice, a subsidiary specialized in catering products, at the same time as following my course at the ESSEC.

I work in the cheese range of this fast-developing market as Assistant Product Manager and I’m involved in launch projects and special offers. It’s a varied, complex job!

The Group monitors our progress carefully, helps us and accompanies us. This is real training we’re getting and it’s designed to make us progress quickly and develop our skills.

There’s never been a better example of the concept of a "Group": the diversity of its branches is a true strength. The connection and ties between all of them reinforce the feeling of pride in belonging to the "SAVENCIA family".