Student space

The Group seeks to attract talented young people via internships or work-study contracts which provide a stepping stone to a career and our professions. Every year, the Group offers over 200 long-term internship or work-study contracts.

The diverse nature of the missions proposed by the Group means we publicize them in quite a few establishments: business schools, engineering schools, ENILS, etc. This allows us to attract different profiles for different professionals.

The Group will welcome you while overseeing your smooth integration into both your job and the team. Our decentralized organization will allow you to rapidly assume responsibilities within the operational subsidiaries and so build your experience. Autonomy and a self-starting attitude are therefore actively encouraged.

You can find these opportunities in the “Join us » section or at college forums where the Group is present.

Be sure to check the personal accounts of students who have worked as interns within the Group. They will give you a first insight into the missions on offer.