HR certifications

Following an independent survey conducted by the Top Employers Institute, the Group was awarded the Top Employers France 2013 certification in recognition of the quality of its HR policies, programmes and practices.

On 14 February 2013, Le Groupe SAVENCIA received this award for the fifth year running.

The 4 points which are key to the Group's success:

- Corporate culture and managerial practices

- Pay

- Personnel Training and development

- Employee benefits and working conditions

This year and for the first time the Group was awarded Top Employers Europe 2013 in recognition of the quality of its HR policies and practices throughout the continent.

The Group has received awards for 5 of the countries where it is present, namely France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

On 20 March 2013, two of the Group's subsidiaries received the Great Place to Work award.

The first, Valrhona, in the category of companies with more than 500 employees received its third award in as many participations coming in at 10th place for French companies where it is great to work.

The second, SOGEPS, in the category of fewer than 500 employees, has just entered the classification of French companies where it is great to work. These classifications result from a survey based on two main criteria:

- 2/3 of the score come from anonymous answers to a survey distributed randomly to a representative sample of the personnel.

- 1/3 of the score comes from the analysis conducted by the organizers the program, comparing the company's practices with other candidates.