Who are we?

Le Groupe SAVENCIA Saveurs & Spécialités boasts a multicultural portfolio of premium cheese and dairy brands with leading positions on the processed meat, seafood and chocolate segments.

It also provides a wide offer of consumer products tailored to the wide-ranging expectations of consumers as well as high-quality products and services intended for food service and industrial markets (agribusiness, dietary, health, etc.). It is the European and world leader in milk processing.

The Group came into being in 1956 with a cheese called Caprice des Dieux. It then developed both in France and internationally while retaining its status as an independent family-run group. It now has around 21 000 employees and annual turnover of 5 billion euros.

The Group operates in 29 countries and markets its products in more than 120 countries.

SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy

SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy is the branded cheese specialist and world number one for cheese and dairy specialties with leading positions in France, Germany, Spain and most of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Group has thereby developed a portfolio of products covering:

- all cheese categories: soft cheese, cream cheese, pressed cheese, processed cheese

- all formats: deli counter, self-service, portions, minis, slices, spreads

- all uses: cheese platter, sandwiches, slices of bread, snacks, desserts, breaded products, etc.

- all expectations in terms of pleasure and nutrition: plain, flavored, enriched, low-fat.

Main brands Caprice des Dieux, Cœur de Lion, Saint Agur, Tartare, Saint Môret, Saint Albray, Carré Frais, Fol Epi, Bresse Bleu, Chavroux, Etorki, Le Rustique, Apérivrais, Caprice des Anges, Fauquet, RichesMonts, Vieux Pané, Boursault, Le Brebiou, Chamois d’Or, Chaumes, Pié d’Angloys, P’tit Louis, Ferrari, Holland Master.

A complete range of Elle&Vire dairy products complements these cheeses :cream, butter, desserts, preparations, etc. Some figures Bongrain SA has over 19,000 employees (87% of the total workforce) spread across 71 production facilities with sales of over 4.6 billion euros. SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy also processes 4.2 billion litres of milk each year. It is worth noting that over 2.5 billion units of Caprice des Dieux have been sold since 1956!



In the context of the Group's declared vocation : "Leading the way to better nutrition", SAVENCIA Gourmet supplements its Dairy Products offer with high quality, innovative and differentiated food specialties.

It targets a portfolio of diversified activities with strong brands resting on twin pillars:

• Super/hypermarket specialties for France and internationally (processed meat, Seafood, Chocolate)

• A gourmet food hub, excluding super/hypermarkets (chocolate distributed in premium retail circuits and among international gastronomy professionals)

It offers a broad range of the most renowned French meat specialties: dry cured sausages, fresh sausages and “rillettes”.

It creates modern seafood products for consumers and food service.

It also boasts benchmark brands and companies on the super premium chocolate segment for consumers and professionals.

The main brands Meats:

Bordeau Chesnel, St Agaûne, Albert Lhuissier

Seafood : Coraya

Chocolate: La Maison du Chocolat, Valrhona, Weiss, De Neuville, Révillon

Some figures 

SAVENCIA Gourmet has over 2,500 employees (13% of the total workforce) for sales of over 400 million euros. Operating in 7 countries (France, UK, Spain, Italy, USA, Japan and Hong Kong), it markets its products on over 70 markets across 5 continents.