Culture and values

Our Corporate Culture:

- Inspires and unites our men and women in what they do

- Allows extensive autonomy at all levels

– initiative, decision-making and action

- Forms the basis of the working life of our staff - Strengthens individual and collective efficiency

The core of our culture is built on values, finalities and acting principles

Our Values

1. Tolerance: accepting and understanding others

2. Courage: fully accepting responsibilities and admitting mistakes

3. Honesty: adhering to the truth in all circumstances

4. Loyalty: being a loyal member of the Group, which in turn supports its staff


Our Acting principles

1. Subsidiarity: not doing at a higher level what can be done at your own

2. Autonomy: fully exercising one’s responsibilities within a clear, defined framework

3. Corporate governance: sharing information and making decisions collectively in order to get the best opinions


Our finalities

1. To produce and market products of the highest possible quality which constantly innovate and totally fulfill the consumers’ expectations

2. To help our staff thrive both professionally and socially

3. To protect and develop the Group’s capital, while ensuring its independence and power of decision